We are specialised in service production for visual content as well as design, illustration, animation, development and musical branding. We do websites, videos, prints, soundtracks and we generally love what we do. We design, create and develop.

State Festival

We shot the festival documentation for the 2016 Edition of the State Festival. Theme was -State of Emotion.- Music was also done by us.

Video Soundcloud


What is truer than truth? Answer: the story. And they love them. We developed their new website and started to work as a freelancer on several other projects.



On behalf of welance.de we worked on their new website. We delivered modern web development.

KPM Website


The Königliche Gartenakademie needed some attention on their website. We delivered ideas, conception and development.



The German Institute for Child Rights started a new project to visualise child rights. We delivered design, ideas and development.

Landkarte Kinderrechte

Ballhaus West

Campaigns are faces and stories of an idea. They fall into the eye and are recognized again, remain hanging and are counted. And really good campaigns can do even more: They work. We developed their website and we are freelancing for them.

Ballhaus West


These talented and experienced architects needed a new website & logo



They are producing vegan products with superfoods. We did a complete and
fresh branding. Logo, Website, Online Shop and lot's other prints,
go check it out, it's delicious.



It's a database for Links, Documents and general informations about Refugees in Germany. This project was done on behalf of the german network for child rights.


Glam Cola

Relaunch of their website, with detailed motion design and web-development. Great working with the professionals from Ballhaus West.



Online Shop & Logo for the hottest drink in town. Bottled liquids is a long term customer and we always appreciate working with them.



Full rebrand (logo, website, car-prints, flyer & postcards).
We also developed the new website with online booking possibilities.



We composed a soundtrack for a 3D Racing game. 12 Tracks. It was fun!
Thank you Wonderkind.



Handdrawn zoological illustrations from our shop. You can buy them framed or as a print to use it as you want.

Our Shop

Hitchcock Mediation

Full rebrand (logo, website) on Hitchcock Mediation early 2015



Alexander & Partner is a boutique law firm specialized in advising German
and European clients on their business activities in the Near and
Middle East and in India. Full rebrand, Website via TYPO3.
Thanks, Heine/Lenz/Zizka Projekte GmbH.



People go, data stays. What happens with your data after your death?
We made an info website so you'll find out more about your digital estate.
Thank's to WIGWAM for a great project.



Full rebrand. Website via TYPO3. Thanks for a decent project, 10hoch16.



Full rebrand. Website, APP and Illustrations. Online Training Center, Typo3 and full responsive.



They sell ethical ecological insurance.
I was doing the website based on typo3 earlier this year. The design was done bei 10hoch16.


Berliner Sommer

Organic apple juice, booze, lime and woodruff. That is Berliner Sommer. Keeps you cool,
makes you tipsy and tastes so good. I made the website for this awesome new drink.



I did a complete re-design of their webpage and developed it afterwards. They are possibly the most competent lawyers you can get in this town. Enjoy their new website.


Digramm Media GmbH

Digramm Media is a digital communications agency, e-commerce and online marketing. They plan and implement each project with the aim to develop a unique, thoughtfully in his concept, design and function and is innovative.

I was responsible for the layout of two of their customers. Ole Gunderson & Agentur für erneuerbare Energien.

Agentur für erneuerbare Energien
Ole Gunderson

Black Bear Filmfest

BLACK BEAR FILMFEST is the first genre-filmfestival in Poland. Their mission: bringing you a selection of high quality, contemporary genre films, including thrillers, horror, art house and animation. I was doing the webdesign and development.


Tollabox by Playducation

TOLLABOX is a monthly box that fosters children’s natural creativity. I developed the website based on typo3.


Trommsdorff + Drüner

I am freelancing there as graphic designer and frontend developer. It's a very qualified team and I have a lot of fun there.



I did the frontend development and design for a new Web-Application. I was working
on behalf of Trommsdorff + Drüner.

Volkswagen ConnectedWork

Berliner Winter

Organic apple juice, booze and seasonal spices. That is Berliner Winter. Keeps you warm,
makes you tipsy and tastes so delicious. I made the website for this awesome new drink.


Catz & Dogz Music Video

Music video for "Catz n' Dogz - Starlight" / Canon 7D / 50mm in Berlin.
I shot and cut it. Special thanks to: Nikita Clauss, Saskia Bitsch, Michael Graudenz,
Annika Johanson, Daniel Franz and Herr Nilsson Godis.

Check out the video on youtube


My music passion is called 'Herbie' and I released my first EP's on Van Liebling Recordings. Listen to my music on soundcloud over here

Ernst Handl

Ernst Handl is an artist based in Berlin Kreuzberg. It was a pleasure to develop his new website.


Ina Schoof Photography

I guess she's one of the best lifestyle, reality and people photographer in germany.
She's also a video artist and she's doing a lot of hilarious free art.

I made her first website in 2010 and redesigned it 2012.
Enjoy some beautiful pictures.



In june and july 2012 we (Daniel Franz & me) did the Making Of for the german feature "GROSSSTADTKLEIN". It was shot in Berlin and near Poland.

Our friend Tobias Wiemann wrote and directed it. It's a movie about small town gangs, love and leaving home to a big city. Produced by Til Schweiger and Tom Zickler (both Bearfoot Films)

You can watch the 10 videos we made on vimeo.

Herr Nilsson GODIS

Herr Nilsson GODIS is Berlin's first self-service business with over 111 delicious sweets from Scandinavia! They are located in Friedrichshain in the Wühlischstraße 58.

I redesigned the webpage, developed a webshop and we made a commercial.



I dance and dj here. Beautiful club in Berlin Kreuzberg made by three nice people.
I developed the website and together with Tobias Pieper I designed the abnormal webpage.

It was a great project and I highly recommend to go there and have a beer or dance some hours.
Daniel Franz and me made a Video about their traditional 1st May celebration in the backyard, too.

www.farb-fernseher.de or watch the 1st May celebration on vimeo

Deutsche Kreditbank AG

Together with Don Ludwig I designed and developed a wordpress theme for their sponsored athletes.

Omega Grundwert GmbH

The Omega Group is concerned with fundamental value of the leased residential space conditioning and subsequent sale to investors.

The Green Wave Film

Green is the color of hope. Green is the color of Islam. And green was the symbol of recognition among the supporters of presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who became the symbolic figure of the Green Revolution in Iran.

Together with the guys from 10hoch16 I designed and developed the movie website.

Wolwedans in die Skemer - Website and Behind the Scenes

I did the website and the logo for this south african feature film (unfortuneately the page is currently offline). I were on set, so we got inspired every day. Together with the duo Werner Grobbelaar and James Stent from Johannesburg, I did behind the scenes for this South African feature film.

It's a boere noir film and it was shot near by the Krueger National Park in Hazyview due november and december 2011. The director Jozua Malherbe is a good friend so we were on set for five weeks and took a lot of stills, set photos and behind the scenes videos. The film will be in south african cinemas at october 2012.

Look at some stills on flickr and watch the videos on vimeo

Fridolin Schöpper

He's one of the best fashion photographer I know.
He lives in Berlin and New York and I made his website and logo.


Foto Union GbR

They represent photographers from all major areas of photography and filmmakers
for digital motion picture content. I redesigned the webpage in 2010.

I also delivered a social media strategy and I used typo3 for their content management.
They have a great team and it's always a pleasure to work with them.


The Institute for Strategy Development connects a network’s creativity and intelligence with the efficiency of a trim organization.

The IFSE has experience in the areas of industry, services, technology, media, culture, education, healthcare, nourishment and sustainability.

I redesigned the webpage and used typo3 for their content management.


Ezeep Gmbh and a presentation for DM-Drogerie

Ezeep introduces a new way of printing. Their cloud-based service offers advanced print
management across all platforms for an easier print experience.

Access ezeep from computers, smartphones, or tablets for easy printing from any device.
Ezeep uses a secure connection to ensure the highest degree of safety.

I did the presentation to tell that the possible costumer DM-Drogerien.

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